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$550 Point Contest
Published on 07-10-2020

Hello Dear Members,

Happy and pleased to announce you our $550 Point Contest.
It starts now and it will be finished on 20th October, 2020 (20/10/2020) at 00:00. (Server Time).

Prize values:
1st prize= $200
2nd prize= $150
3rd prize= $100
4th prize= $50
5th prize= $20
6th prize= $10
7th prize= $5
8th prize= $5
9th prize= $5
10th prize= $5

Click here check the Point Contest.

Points value:
Points per ptc click: 1
Points per PTSU completed: 10
Points per direct referral: 20
Points per dollar deposited: 50

Attention those who register with a fake membership or vpn proxy will never win the contest

Unnecessary multiple posts on the forum are strictly forbidden, membership is forum suspended

Good Luck and Happy Earnings!
Best regards,